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I have worked in project management for most of my career. Working towards and becoming a timber buyer/Forester in the 80's for Stone Forest Industries, a subsidiary of Stone container shipping. In the 90's my largest project was to Design and implement a security centric IT, network and Infrastructure for a large Military project.

All the while I have been enjoying a passion for Cottage industry, culture, wildlife and Photography. Projects are everywhere. Currently I’m involved in a project to benefit an autistic group, working as an IT Consultant with 25+ years’ experience in information systems.

When communication requires breaking down complex designs to understandable formats for non-technical, audiences such as busy MD’s stakeholders etc. We provide years of experience building simple but concise presentation in an easily understood format. This communication is regarded as a learning process for Camkat Staff.

Attention to detail and communications result in highly individualised plans to suit clients precise requirements, using best practice with high level industry standards.

Areas of expertise include Enterprise Architect, Solutions Architect, Project Management, Design and Implement Network & Microsoft, Linux Infrastructures. E-Commerce.

Microsoft Windows (MCSE certified) Proficient with Linux. Automated desktop services using Windows AIK, SCCM, Cloud technologies, Azure and cloud fare. Dependable with strong analytical problem solving skills, supervisory, training, Consult, Design, Implement and Manage Network/Infrastructures.

Edward is consistently recognized for outstanding performances and has a passion for “continued exploration” has he says it.

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What we do.

Understanding Business Needs

From Workplace Transformation to the Internet, getting today’s technology right for tomorrow’s business needs is critical for all.

Our business relationships are founded on trust. We provide a team effort, in which our clients may have trust on us to provide valuable IT solutions, which frees time to concentrate on running the businesses effectively. Camkat is confident to ensure our clients have the right IT tools and technologies in place.

Camkat’s range of industry-leading technology solutions not only deliver the necessary technical requirements, but also address what drives a project’s success. Whether you are developing your business strategy, upgrading your existing estate or implementing a new technology to future-proof your business needs in years to come, Camkat can help deliver the right solution.
Camkat has been delivering corporate IT services to the SME marketplace since 1994. Our core business is in the delivery of IT Managed Services, providing outsourced IT Management and Services for companies who have a developed outsourcing strategy, and those clients whose organisational size does not merit a full-time IT staff. Outsourcing delivers the key advantage of accessing a wide range of technical abilities whilst paying only for the service level required.

Camkat service our clients from the central location at the Stirling office; currently clients include SME, to Corporate Enterprise, datacentre managed services, Camkat provide deployment and support services to international clients.

We provide quality IT business solutions and are accredited and certified by major hardware and software manufacturers. A quality conscious organisation, we work hard at understanding our client’s needs to deliver the right solution every time.

Our core values inform everything that we do and form the basis upon which we build long-term relationships. Professionalism, Trustworthy, Technical Integrity, Customer Focus, Understanding and Caring.